Spanish club theme: Dragons & Unicorns

Craft: Making handprint dragons & footprint unicorns, dragon finger puppets

Vocab:  Parts of the body plus more to do with dragons & unicorns , revision of colours, some prepositions

Games: 4 corners, Ladders, Sr. Dragon,  Chinese whispers, numbers game/dragons & unicorns,  policia, charades, Simon says, Parts of body bingo, races, parachute games, find  partner game

Food: madalenas & bocadillos de nocilla

Songs: Hola amigos 


Story: ¿Dónde está mi unicornio?


French club theme: Superheroes

Craft: Making superhero masks and cuffs; making superhero utility belts with items of our school pencil case.

Vocab: items of a pencil case, adjectives to describe superheroes

Games: 4 corners, Ladders, numbers game, Chinese whispers, Swapping seats game, Jeu de beret, superhero action game, Simon says, superheroes & villains number game, secret signal, Kim's game

Stories: Hugo coincé dans un livre 

Food:   brioche au chocolat, crêpes au chocolat


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