"I found Spanish to be one of the easier subjects and I was the least nervous about Spanish out of all the GCSE's (I did 14 in total). Spanish then aided my ability to learn French.
It was a definite advantage as I remember not revising for my first Spanish test in year 7 because I knew it all from Primary. It helped me learn the basics e.g. numbers, personal details such as your name which are still very useful at A level!
I remember Pepe the snail! Competing for pasta points was fun but my favourite game was "ladders".
I'd advise other children to definitely learn a language young, it teaches you a skill that will be really useful in further education and later life!"


"I chose Spanish GCSE because I find it fun and interesting. I found my lessons were very easy and was top of the class. I am very confident and apparently sound like a Spanish citizen when I speak!
I used to LOVE Pepe! I remember feeling so proud when I earned my pasta points.
It was a great advantage in year 7 and has given me an excellent core knowledge of Spanish"


"I found languages a lot easier in Secondary school due to the fact that I had already done basic Spanish and found it helped to pick new things up.
I also felt that my accent was more advanced than those that hadn't previously done Spanish. I enjoyed going to Spanish club with my friends and thoroughly enjoyed the games and activities we took part in whilst there. Yes, I love the snail!
I would definitely recommend learning any language from an early age as it helped me a lot! It made picking up other languages easier also"


"Secondary School language classes were easier, I'd already done almost every topic in Katherine's classes. I also had learnt more French than anyone else.
I had a better accent and a lot more confidence.
Go the the clubs! it really improves your vocabulary and memory. Also, it's great fun especially with your friends"


"I now know a lot more than the rest of my class as we had learnt all of the simple vocab in Primary (with Kath). I loved Pepe, he was awesome. I loved all the games/work sheets/fun activities we did, that really helped me to love the language.
The Summer clubs were very useful as they gave us an understanding of culture as well as the language.
I would say go for it while you're young and absorb all the knowledge, because it will really help you in the future"


"Everything was just simple, easy to do with my eyes closed. Not just on some days but on every day!
I certainly had an advantage, when I looked at my fellow pupils I couldn't believe how much they were struggling.
The Summer club was marvellous, great fun as well as learning even more!
It is a great advantage later on, I definitely recommend it"


"I chose Spanish at GCSE, and found easier after doing LCF lessons.
Definitely my accent helped a lot. I recently got 100% in a speaking exam and having a good accent certainly helps in confidence.
I loved doing the flamenco in Bar 44 and found learning songs fun for speech & prize day. I remember Pepe really well!
Do it! it's invaluable, you learn so much vocabulary that you can use"


"As I already knew a lot of the basics I found that I definitely had an advantage over people that hadn't studied Spanish in Primary school, and I was able to pick up new words/phrases a lot more easily.
My accent was more advanced and accurate at an earlier stage than friends that hadn't studied Spanish before and my confidence to speak was greater.
I really enjoyed meeting up with our little Spanish gang every week and remember the great games we would play which made learning Spanish something fun and relaxed"

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